Simple Happiness

What do we really need to live a happy life? A powerful question for both our planet, & our lives.

One day while perusing an Australian magazine I came across this quote:

“The things you think you own, ‘own you’ because often, you feel like the more you get, the more you need and your focus on the fancy house and the great car can stop you from actually living your life.”

What do we really need to live a happy life? It’s a question that not only has powerful implications for our planet, but our own happiness. So often we’re drawn down a path of tirelessly working in jobs we don’t like, to make money, to own things, to acquire, consume, deplete & repeat — a cycle of mass consumerism that not only harms and exhausts the environment, but leaves us feeling tired, unfulfilled, unstimulated & unhappy. Things that seem so simple to the embodiment of happiness — like doing what we love, with who we love — are often swept aside.

As this highly exhaustive, extractive mindset prevails, the planet suffers — and we suffer too. It just goes to show how closely intertwined we are to the natural world that is our home. If we look deep within, we see that things can be so much better — not just for the planet, but for us all. I’m grateful for time spent doing what I love, with who I love: the simplest things that bring the deepest happiness.

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