Isolating in isolation & imagining a better world.

Last week, I decided that I have more faith in the uncertainty of the universe than I do in the people whose job it is to literally keep us safe. Pandemic escalated to pandemonium, & the U.S. embassy told me I had to come home. I thought, “home”… 3 long flights away, where our leaders’ rejection of science has vibrantly revealed the implications of such devastating ignorance; where the people in charge of managing this crisis are the same figures who continually resist action on climate change, the environment, health care, and other problems related to our safety & wellbeing; where I’m reading headlines asking if gun shops are “essential businesses,” as leaders arm us with mindsets of panic, fear and hate… I decided to stay — isolated in isolation, on an island across the world that is now my indefinite home. I will be using this opportunity to write constantly, and hope my thoughts & realizations can offer deeper truth at a time when the world feels truly insane. 

Crisis offers the opportunity for great change — perhaps we can break free from the isolation of thought, rooted in panic, fear, and hate… & shift the conversation towards envisioning the loving, connected world we want to live in. 💙🌍👫 #loveeachother #fromadistance 🙂

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