Drifting in the Dream State

Floating beneath the mountains, drifting in the dream state — it fills the soul with a warmth I can’t describe. It’s as if our mad ascent to development and “progress” has pioneered us out of life’s greatest gift of all: being connected to the world we live in. I want to take this opportunity to share an article I wrote last year, on the interconnected struggles of environmental protection and social justice — a theme I think would be of tremendous benefit to reflect on now, as we watch with horror as the ecology of our shared world humbles us all.

We see how our lifestyles are closely intertwined with the living ecosystems around us, and how ecological collapse is rooted in diseases of the human world. We see that the environmental movement is about investigating global inequality and injustice, poverty, security, political opportunity and self-determination, and human rights. We see that the ecosystems around us are trying to tell us something — about our society, the way it currently functions, and not simply how it must change — but how it can be so much better.


Full article here.

We may be poisoned at different rates, but nobody is immune to the suffering of another ~ and the actions we take now, both for each other, and our planet, will decide the ecology of the world we want to live in. I hope our present circumstances can be a unifying lesson in the interconnectedness of the systemically divided, but collective and enmeshed world, that we all share.

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