Welcome to Groundswell.

Groundswell grew out of the belief that the news should empower us with higher-level thinking and unconventional ideas.

This project is devoted to covering social and environmental justice, and telling stories that advance ideas about public health, national security, justice & wellbeing, ecological stability, and healthy communities.

How did Groundswell start?

My name is Julia, and I am a surfer, diver, ocean lifeguard, and U.C. Santa Barbara Environmental Studies alumni, with a tremendous enthusiasm for our oceans & planet. Groundswell began with a striking realization in my college education — that while everyday, I was empowered & educated to think critically about the climate crisis, environmental justice, and developing stronger communities, these topics remained strikingly absent on mainstream media. Ecological collapse, climate disruption, environmental justice, regenerative development, the actual science of climate change and ecology — it felt like revolutionary ideas had been shed upon me, and suddenly, I was filled with understanding and hope. If this knowledge is the way forward, it should be available to everyone. Groundswell seeks to unhinge the silence perpetuated by a spectacle-driven media and dormant political system, telling critical stories about the planet, health, justice, national security, ecological stability, and building healthy communities.

I’ve been lucky to learn, travel overseas, and navigate the tumultuous path that is redefining our relationship to this planet and each other — this is my attempt to share it all.

What are Groundswell’s sources? 

Groundswell pulls from a variety of academic sources, featuring content from U.C.S.B. coursework and the campus’s leading professors, researchers, and lecturers. Through contributions from students and passionate individuals, Groundswell aims to make the field of environmental studies more accessible to the general public. Groundswell does not receive funding.

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By formality an I am a part time aquatic biologist and full time nomad. Although my roots are anchored in California, I am a bit of free range human, enriching my soul with culture and experience. I am advocate of adventure and a lover of the outdoors. My most current endeavor is marine mammal training in Bermuda, until I embark on to the next journey.


Julia is an Environmental Studies & journalism alumni from the University of California, Santa Barbara, as well as an ocean lifeguard, surfer, & diver. You can usually find her frolicking in the ocean and finding excuses to play outside.



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