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Stories through sight.

Discovering the New “Normal”

7 months of isolation and sanctitude from a terrifying virus - and the society that created it. As we race eagerly back towards "normal" with the hunger for a previous world ignited in our eyes, a simpler yet fulfilling, different but deeply satisfying way of life over previous months makes me wonder why we don’t instead propel ourselves forward.

The Art of Calmly Sinking

The art of calmly sinking ~ I wonder what our world might look like if we emanated peace and stillness amidst fear and unknown... perhaps it would be a lighter place. As we live out the prophetic consequences of our continued denial of science and truth, I hope we pave a brighter way forward: where ...

Drifting in the Dream State

Floating beneath the mountains, drifting in the dream state — it fills the soul with a warmth I can’t describe. It’s as if our mad ascent to development and “progress” has pioneered us out of life’s greatest gift of all: being connected to the world we live in. I want to take this opportunity to ...

This Earth Day

This Earth Day, I am lucky to enjoy one of the most thriving, preserved places on Planet Earth, and the health, joy, & ease of life that comes with it — but for billions of global citizens, this is not the case.

Creating Coexistence

In the human empire we’ve built on domination and separation from the natural world, moments like this make me wonder — what have we we sacrificed to feel comfortable?

Underwater Isolation

All I wanted when I was little was to be friends with a mermaid. Dreams do come true. 🙂 Images from our self-isolation in the underwater world.

The Worth of an Ocean

For what do we value our oceans? Translating meaning into action.

Magic Dimensions

A glimpse into a magic dimension... where we can defy gravity, fly between mountains of energy, and dance beneath a dazzling sky of water and light.

Transformative Seas

Creating beauty out of chaos, movement and change ~ maybe we can strive to do the same.


Isolating in isolation & imagining a better world.