Climate Disruption

Climate disruption, or climate chaos, is another word for climate change – that we believe better encapsulates humanity’s impact on the changing atmosphere, oceans, & communities across the globe.

As greenhouse gases due to emissions from industrialized society rise, we have entered an entirely new geologic epoch known as the Anthropocene – in which humans are the main drivers of all planetary change. Humans are releasing carbon into the atmosphere 1 million times faster than the planet’s natural rate.

Photo by Kaitlyn Tolin Productions

What causes climate disruption? Climate disruption is caused by emissions released from industrial activities, such as transportation, mechanized agriculture, mass consumerism, & militarization. It is also caused by timber production and land use conflict caused by mass deforestation, that eliminates the Earth’s natural carbon sinks. As temperatures warm in the Arctic, feedback loops – such as less reflective surfaces & melting permafrost – drive further climate disruption, without human intervention.

What are the effects of climate disruption? Climate disruption presents huge impacts on public health, national security, political stability, social freedoms & democracy, ecology. The results of climate chaos include: Warming arctic temperatures that change ocean currents & weather around the world; intensifying & more frequent weather events; diminished topsoil & decreased food security; forced removal & refugee conflicts; increased air pollution & public health concerns; deepened injustice & poverty; and biodiversity & species loss.

What can we do? International leaders have failed to create a ubiquitous sense of hope against this mounting crisis. We need community-based change, that empowers action from individuals & civil governments. Cities across the United States are already going carbon-free, while tackling fundamental issues of social injustice.

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